About us

Pentalver Culture

Our reputation within the industry is respected and highly regarded across the UK, which is a result of our committed and quality workforce.

Our Vision:

All Pentalver people working together to systematically improve the way we do business

Our Mission:

Pentalver is a safe, sustainable business offering world class operations, generating efficiency and value to our customers, employees and shareholders. We will continuously deliver improvement throughout our business in partnership with our stakeholders, by investing in our people, equipment, technology, services and facilities, to support our future for today , and tomorrow.

Our culture can be summarised in five ways:

    ·Our employees live the ‘Pentalver Way’

    ·Our employees live the ‘Pentalver Values’

    ·Continuous Improvement

    ·Performance Driven

    ·Safety Focused

The Pentalver Way encapsulates how Pentalver employees work together to provide our customers with a high quality and exceptional service at all times and to ensure that high customer service standards are at the heart of our culture.

Pentalver Values are important to ensure employees are aligned and meet the high standards Pentalver have, to ensure the sustainability and success of the company. Our values are:

Constant Care
Success will never be achieved at the expense of service

Listening to our colleagues and learning together

The hardest decisions require the most courage

Our Employees
Develop and engage to build a high performing team

Our Name
Pride in our business, passion in our goals

Being Performance Driven is central to the Pentalver culture because we believe every employee is important and adds value to the success of Pentalver. We count on all our employees to have a ‘can-do’ attitude, have high standards and be passionate in their work. Employees always know what is expected of them, two way communication channels are embedded and open performance feedback is encouraged throughout the group.

Continuous Improvement is essential to ensure that we deliver our vision. In a nutshell, it’s about Pentalver putting continuous improvement into every-thing we do, so rather than saying “we have always done it like that” it’s about asking “how can we do things better”.

Ensuring a Safety culture is at the heart of everything we do at Pentalver. We take your health, safety and well-being seriously and all employees throughout the Group are encouraged, committed and focused to ensure everyone is safe at Pentalver.